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  • 浙江禾田化工有限公司
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    Zhejiang Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Foreign Trade:+86-571-85241081
    Domestic Trade:+86-571-85229016
    Fluorosilicone chemicals:+86-571-81182352/81182351



    R&D CenterYour current location: Home|R&D Center

    Hetian Chemical's pesticide research and development began in 1958, has engaged in organic chlorine, organic phosphorus, carbamate, heterocyclic, organic sulfur and fluorine pesticide research and development, existing R & D personnel more than 20, 40% Master's degree or above, obtained 60 major national and provincial scientific and technological achievements awards, most of the results have been industrialized, the results cover the national pesticide production in east and south China's major provinces and cities. Established in 1999, Zhejiang Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd., to achieve the transfer from scientific research to industrial transformation.







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